Installed all new vinyl siding to the house. Moldings, soffits and trim work around windows and doors.


Super Silicone 985 was applied in a two-course application. After given the proper amount of time to cure a 3rd coat was applied. 985 Super Silicone is a high solids, fluid applied coating formulated using moisture cure, solvent free green technology. Creates a shield of protection over the roof membrane helping to protect it from the elements. It is best used to help reduce cooling costs, and heat gain. When applied correctly it creates a tough, flexible and resilient barrier that helps prevent damage from severe weather. With proper maintenance it will greatly extend the life of your roof.



The homeowner contacted us because his chimney needed to be repaired. After our inspection, we discovered multiple problems that resulted in the need to rebuild the chimney system completely. The previous homeowner made some attempts to patch up the chimney, but it did not go to well. We rebuilt the chimney from the roof line up.

Commercial Flat Roof -Newark, NJ

16 Thousand Sq Feet roof commercial re-roof. The facility is now outfitted with a new two-ply modified bitumen roof system. Modified bitumen roofs are extremely durable and long-lasting, have exceptional flexibility in a range of temperatures, require little maintenance, and are energy efficient. They’ve been a trusted roof system for decades and continue to be an excellent choice for many building owners. We offer 20 year warranty on all our flat roofs.

Residential Roof Replacement -Fair Lawn, NJ

This project was for a repeat customer. His friend had needed his home roof replaced. The company they initially hired never finished the project properly and we were called in. The complete roof on the house was stripped and replaced. In addition we also had the roof replaced on the garage, which had severe water damage and was not maintained in years. We offer 25 year warranty on all our shingle roofs.

New Roofing Installation

For our client in New Jersey two roofs on the house were stripped and replaced. In addition we had the the roof and chimney flashed, added two soffit ventilation’s, and installed 4 skylight windows.


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